Interior Walls and Ceilings

All of the paints are vapour permeable, which allows the surfaces to breathe and helps reduce the risk of moulds and bacteria build up on the wall.

Main topics discussed with a customer are, colour, sheen level, and durability.

All of these products are certified non toxic both in Europe and Australia by G.E.C.A.


So tough that it takes 60,000 wipes, ideal for high traffic areas and commercial applications. Ideal for the growing family too, schools hospitals surgeries all go for this top of the range paint. Comes in a matt and a low sheen. Colour well we can do any colour of any ones paints.

Yield 20m2 per litre


A stunning velvet like wall paint, washable and gives an incredible 30m2 per litre yield, that is twice as far as any other commercial paint on the market today. It is without a great product, easy to touch up and just stunning on the wall.

Yield 30m2 per litre.


A ceiling paint, flat and any colour from white to black. Easy to roll or spray and hides all of those little defects. A ceiling paint that is both internal and external use and actually sanitises the surface as it is applied.

Yield 20m2 per litre.


A water based satin or gloss enamel. With less than 1 gram of voc per litre. Even when tinted to black. Easy to use, no smells, sprays, rolls and brushes beautifully. Both Internal and external use. Was used for the new panda cages at Adelaide zoo. Now surely that says how good it is.

Yield 10-12m2 per litre.


State of the art technology now enables an impregnating water based wax and stain to be used and achieve an abundance of different timber colours, or even some designer colours. This product is so easy to use, no lap marks, no smells, and again less than 1 gram of voc per litre, no wonder its everyones favourite stain on the market. A 3 coat application, will give you the same look as that of bedroom furniture. This product is both for internal and external use

Yield 12-14m2 per litre.


A micaceous iron water based enamel paint. This product will give the appearance of aged wrought iron, mix a few colours together and get the perfect rust finish. Can be used both internally and externally, and on many different surfaces, including zinc sheet, plastics, tilt slab but to name a few. Can be overcoated with a clear protective coat, t o protect it from grime and dirt, non yellowing, and so easy to use.

Yield 5-7m2 per litre.