Family Health

Think about it. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you decide to give your home a paint job. The overall look right? However, have you ever wondered what can happen if you use harmful paints? Harmful fumes aside, some paints also have the unfortunate tendency of emitting toxic fumes that can seriously cripple your family’s health. This depends on the type of paintjob and paints you use for your home. Good quality paint has non toxic elements included in their constitution, a fact that is essential if you want a healthy family AFTER the paint job is completed. It doesn’t matter if the paint color makes your home pleasing to the eye or not if inhaling its toxic fumes lands you or your children in the hospital!

It’s all about the materials you use. If the paint you’re using is eco-friendly then you can be free of those harmful substances from invading your home at all. This is especially important if you take the result from an EPA survey. Apparently, indoor air is more harmful than outdoor air just because of the kind of paint! If you used the toxic variety then chances are they’re still chugging out their harmful fumes no matter how long ago you applied them. These toxins usually contain varieties of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) that are especially harmful for individuals susceptible to environment related allergies. These refer to organic chemical compounds that vaporize as they enter the atmosphere. They usually include harmful substances such as aldehydes, ketones and hydrocarbons, and may either be organic in nature or a mixture of various compositions. It’s a silent killer that can harm your family in ways that can cripple their health for a long time.

Individuals that are susceptible to these harmful substances include children, the elderly and especially those people who have respiratory problems. However, exposure to VOC can be curbed if the proper precautions are taken including making sure that the paint being used is non-toxic in nature. Your family deserves to be kept safe both inside and outside the walls of your home. You have to ensure that both the interior and exterior surfaces of your house don’t turn into a health hazard for them.

The good news is that strict government regulations have been set recently that are fighting to curb the introduction of such paints in the market. These are the kinds of paints that have little to no VOCs, and are also very easy to clean and apply. The Paint Quality Institution in UK for instance insists that DIY or do-it-yourself painters pay strict attention when choosing paint supplies.

No need to worry if you’re new at this though. We can help you make the right choice. Not only can we sell you non-toxic paints, but we can also train you in using the ideal application methods that can make your home stand out like a jewel. We also provide highly skilled painters that can help you choose the perfect shades for your walls and the best environment friendly paints to keep your family healthy AND happy.