Primers and Undercoats

Firstly, let us understand that a new coat of paint is only going to last and look as good as the prepared surface underneath.

The benefits of the primer or undercoat is to provide a suitable anchor for the following coats.

Usually a primer or undercoat has special characteristics that will enable the product to adhere and perform.


Suitable for all plastics, steel, zinc, aluminium, pvc etc. This product can be painted over with either enamels or other decorative paints.

Yield 10-12m2 per litre.


Designed for the hard and difficult surfaces, where normally paint just scratches off. This product is designed for non porous surfaces, ie porcelain, or melamine. 2 coats are suggested, and must be left 6 hours before recoating.

Yield 10-12m2 per litre.


A transparent product for porous and chalking or crumbling surfaces. Ideal for use for solid plaster as the first primer coat.

Yield 20-60m2 per litre.


A plasterboard sealer undercoat. This product covers all walls and ceilings as the first coat, sands beautifully, and allows the perfect finish for top coats, sprays ,brushes, and rolls great product for the trade.

Yield 8-10m2 per litre.


Suitable for all porous surfaces where a good key is required, ie cement sheet , or tilt slab. This product is for both internal and external use. Other uses are for chalking and high absorbent surfaces. Interior and exterior.

Yield 14-18m2 per litre.


A superb undercoat by anyones standards, ideal for both wood and steel surfaces. Interior and exterior use.

Yield 12-16m2 per litre.


A specialist primer, with a slight grit. This is the perfect undercoat or primer for any trowel on products, ie stucco, marmarino, or travertine all from Oikos.

Yield 15-20m2 per litre.